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's in an environment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at all. the obama administration had to gauge the diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks with punches are flying here looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you gonna say on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the falling rain. another set of marco rubio call that dea
technology which has advanced to the point that anyone with one thousand dollars in an internet connection can access the plastic parts that can be fitted into a gun those firearms can be detected by metal detectors or x ray machines. when senate democrats were looking to amend the law before its passage to mandate that metal monster the upcoming component of the gun. thereby closing the loophole that would allow for movable metal parts on the other hand republicans not to pass the bill in its current form that's exactly what happened this afternoon in the house the senate will take up the matter when it returns on december night. the same day the law will sunset the national rifle association hasn't publicly taken a stance on the legislation however gun owners of america a smaller gun rights group called the band and extension unnecessary because three d printing technology is not yet quite the available. and using the three d printer to replicate passing guns may not be the only battle at hand. this practice can also be used to print metal dots are cheese marina or nia got an inside look
with such potential areas of st ali co chaired an inch deep or get sent technology education and labor. the announcer was can a team strengthening cooperation of the county and in a pack member state in shipping to peace stability and development team to beat in the stock. the demand for coal co increased recently but major cocoa producers including west african countries and nations have failed to meet the demand due to climate chang and quality related problems. according to get them this year on record to android development the system rights movement by the country's copper statue to chan's book itself to become one of the worst beat in cocoa supply it deuteronomy received international conference on cocoa taken place in vietnam he was reported that west african countries produce seventy percent of the world's cocoa building was given the jet is the third biggest cocoa producer. however recent discovery of chemicals in indonesian cocoa products together with lower production from him and unstable political situation to make the importers turn to other markets including vietnam. models of upbeat a
. some say this technology offers unprecedented accountability on the part of police by making sure everything they do it reported. this also has privacy advocates raising concerns that she's endured a bit more. for every officer in laurel maryland police department the day starts at hand and right here. we each grabbed the camera. and as you can see. kirkuk on this on my glasses or headband what is to pronounce that way. it's commonly referred to as the mainstay camera with its shape and size resembling that of the winds popular mika. the gadget is far from just an aesthetic pleasure. it's the latest technology being implemented in to police departments across the country allowing for officers to record interactions from a rear vantage point. they just did a a completely unbiased view of the situation. it doesn't deviate at the slanted one way or the other. or you get kicked off. everything may seem everything that was too cold and interaction. but this one. the simple life and are asking for directions to the question is clear to all the purported footage though while at morals po
will the world on great britain cause a lot to offer to china in terms of the information technology and logistics and other environmental technology it sector. also that of the british business of various women there are always china's trade and investment a murmur and saw the band that really it is really the common been taught that maybe our brains list of countries closer. it was a bad driver. and don't foresee in the meantime chinese businesses are getting more aggressive. so potty invest overseas and with britain offers not only of experience but also miss the market for it again in the ears of the infrastructure building on fortune you would have to leave and that's a about china direct sale of the center for international business ethics and begin best of international business and economics. thank you very much indeed for years. the rees government has released a list of twenty six points. it sees as milestones and affixed a reformed elites and grief and freedoms of its citizens. i commend my spirit on the opposition have dismissed it as smoke and mirror as has already been
it cools haven't been in this advanced technology. when that vilsack and has just been akron family pack the courts from romania where police have forcibly from new and improved image is from the last energy giant chevron was to pace the stock tester ending. well i can tell you i can beneath it. it wasn't until i can tell you it would have to be because i was in that connection covering that story when these contestants performing he maintained around that site can be said to me that they would fight to the exact term for neat ideas for hiking and taking pains me heaps. ask us the week we didn't matter to them. no one would hope to stop them. even if it means pain with an eye. if you want to send the economy will die of them won't give up until the outcome frank a romanian second edition the uk as well people here aren't immune to add amendments. we collect protests taking place in crates in manchester a company called high class is supposed to start exploring trade training and we made a protest that has been trying to look where ethan went to play trucks from. i am finding the contests
the science of space and technology committee in the house criticized roles the epa said on the amount of carbon pollution new power plants were allowed to remain. this is the epa is way too slow or reverse the effects of climate change. a letter addressed to the head of the agency. lamar smith wrote the agency is a stubborn insistence on placing its judgment of biomass of that science advisers raises serious concerns that the apa is a roll making is based more on partisan politics and sound science but on wednesday a job for the stars with a two hour long hearing called astral biology the search for bio signatures in our solar system and the lines. this guy saying that is possibly just about life on other planets aren't possibility of june more than you the pope refused. what can we find hope and pray the atmosphere to the french who drive by of signatures that would indicate the presence of some form of gluten free life. what would be the implications of such a discovery. pics are now questioning the lamar smith concedes aliens as sound science but quiet change and partisan politics
. the offer i a the science technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future. genes can be held by the us within the decade without charge or trial in kuantan tonight i have to be transferred to an end. but the men were strongly against being sent back to algeria where i fear being persecuted by the authorities or targeted by extremists on the sand is the token a small the glacial pace us officials intend to move forward with the limbo known as guantanamo whatever excuses in the web of bureaucracy allegedly getting in the way of just closing the place down. millie is attempting baby steps to figure out what to do with its detainee is the lastest transferred to prisoners to their home country of algeria one hundred and sixty four the majority of whom have long been cleared for track work or really miss everything creation was involuntary and to place despite the deeds he needs me is to not have this happen is the fear of mistreatment or torture upon their return home to the lives of the two men at times now and is down and inside out hope that some have describ
in the states so love the brightness is on the internet. they use it technology integration of all new developments from around russia. the future what hit me. your teens today are little research the eye. the who'd studied military operation in the central african republic and it could be considered in sectarian violence the un security council resolution or fries french troops to join an african peacekeeping mission. the latest clashes between rival militias in the capital by ugly if it killed over a hundred people muslim rebels who seized power in march if i can christians there who support the and the president and this despite fears of the conflict could expand into a full blown sectarian war. well sometimes branded the policeman of africa from says remained active on the continent ever since the color blue earrings you sell them up. that's a map of france is full of colonies over the past decade alone france has led interventions in the democratic republic of congo ivory coast chad that most recently my lateness aside from its involvement in libya to as fully covered coldplay fro
're on is moving ahead with tests on more efficient technology to enrich uranium. this comes just two weeks after six world powers clinched a deal with tehran over its nuclear program. the move does not openly contradicted the geneva agreement and the us atomic watchdog has been kept informed about developments. in those six people suspected of stealing a truck was highly radioactive material in a medical scanner have been released from the hospital only the youngest suspect was sixteen years old was found to have traces of radioactive poisoning them and will remain in detention for further questioning the vehicle was carrying extremely dangerous cobalt sixty when it was hijacked at gunpoint near the capital earlier this week. a dream destination for millions but apparently it is a nightmare for those trying to settle down there. many find the higher ranked tiny flats and therefore condition. and to some other things that are turning parents into a city of broken dreams. he's so silly reports it all looks great on paper but anyone with an aspirational living in central paris. this covers the nigh
and in minutes as governments are using false promises to cover up the tooth technology. check it out got a fifty and one of the ottoman to the government can fall in south africa that was going to bring down i need to fill that idea and it cannot lift anything that affects you stay safe at home felt that this wedding bring down any cute though because we're in at a european markets that we don't think you can in effect fill cupcake that i think is going to have a huge economic benefit was that again media coverage became the local people in the ad is becoming a laugh. estimates are for kids three and the threat of protests and we think it's a lot to help me fill helping to build amazement i can't because people here say they don't want to take a break to win a pale and cold that the council to listen. wilson a dumb answer column and click to make showed that the government became infected his unpopular they don't want it in the uk and it's unnecessary. sunlight is a national day of prayer in south africa to mom and dad says nelson and data. i needed the full racism and inequality means any count
're just constantly waiting and wondering if today the day is today the day technologies with the us geological survey face tracking regularly triggers small earthquakes before seen even greater danger for wastewater disposal which involves pumping millions of gallons of water contaminated by chemicals deep underground where experts say it puts pressure on site meatballs and causes them to sleep. but despite this knowledge is warning its well keep popping up just a few steps away from private homes and even community water wells nobody knows about any of this until it's too late to carry out. though the government has not concluded studies on how freaking can affect the environment when operations are in full swing here in texas there are thousands of that impossible to mix and it seems no study team getting the industry's way. in fact you're asking the question whether something could happen the whole shale production united states. i think it is highly unlikely it is extremely beneficial to the national economy fricking is largely responsible for the booming us energy production.
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)